Monday, August 10, 2009

We are alive and well!!

Life has been crazy busy.. I will post some new pics and such soon. Hope everyone is doing well. New updates to come.. =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

In a nut shell..

So life in the Dickey household the last few months has been quite busy. I thought I should take a few minutes and update this thing since it has been way to long. The fam is doing well. We just finished with dance competition season and CDS had another great year. We went to ST George again one of the weekends and had time to visit with family, drive a very sweet corvette (Thanks Uncle Dave!) win a little in mesquite and enjoy the warm weather. Along with dance competition season comes baseball season for Kylan. I am bummed I have class the nights he plays, so when they have a rain out they play on Saturday's, so I attend those games. Lynn has been so great with the kids, and taking care of the house while I am in school. He has taken over "the mom role" very nicely, and when I get home from class and or work he has everything done, kids almost in bed and then he goes to work. He is amazing, and I appreciate all he does. In addition to dance and baseball, Ky turned five yrs old on April 30th. I cannot believe my lil guy is 5. Time has seriously flown by. I am dreading him going to kindergarten, that will be so hard. We have decided that once a week on Lynn and I days off we would go hiking somewhere, so we started that as well and it is very fun and relaxing. I am looking forward to the summer and all the fun that comes with it. So this it in a nutshell, Life I guess? I cannot complain, We are very blessed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Arrival

So my lil brother is a daddy now. Him and Melissa had their daughter on January 19th. Annie Elizabeth Tabish weighed 5 pounds 12 oz. She is 18 inches long. She has black wavy hair just like her mom, and her mom's nose, with Jim's toes and fingers. Jim said she was like a lab puppy, "big paws,, she will be tall like me." I dont think she will be that tall, but maybe in the middle with how small Meliss is. They are all doing well, just extremely exhausted. I remember that feeling, and it was not the best time in my life, the exhausted feeling that is. She is such a doll. We have not had a new baby in our family for almost 5 years, so we are so excited. Its really weird seeing Jim in the "dad" mode, but he makes a cute dad, and lil Annie is such a blessing to their family.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Seasons come and gone...

We have had a busy couple months. We had a great Thanksgiving with my family this year. We had everyone over to our house and we ate and ate and played games. It was very fattening but very worth it! A week after Thanksgiving we had a Christmas party with Lynn's family. We all got together and ate, and ate, and played games. Very fattening as well.. Then we had Jordyn's Christmas dance concert, Kylan's school Christmas party. Then it was time to bake, bake, bake! I love baking for my neighbors and family, but it is very fattening as well, but homemade sugar cookies and pumpkin bread? mmmm it was worth it at the time. We then had Christmas Eve come so fast. We had my family over for my mom's annual delicious feast. She cooks for 2 days for this event. She told me next year I have to learn to make the Lebanese kibby, but I don't know if I can put my hands in the raw meat like she does, hmmm will the tradition go on? Tiff? Tris? or maybe Melissa? or if by next year I am rid of my phobia of raw meats I will try it.. Christmas was great! Kylan had a full on Start Wars Christmas, and Jordyn got her snowboard and Canyons season pass. Lynn and I are waiting til the snow melts so we can purchase mountain bikes for us. We thought we can take that on as a hobby for us to do together. We had a great holiday season, it was very busy, and fattening, but we enjoyed it. I am now going to be busy at the gym trying to work off the extra load. The food was good at the time, but now I feel yuck. Im sad the holidays came and gone so fast, but now I can look forward to SPRING! and warmer weather.

Mom, sisters and I

Jordyn and Melissa


Dickey Christmas Party

Jordyn's Dance Concert

Kylan's school Christmas program

Christmas Eve rocking!
Jim's outfit, long story...

Mom and Tris singing to Beastie Boys
Here comes the snowboard!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching up!

Ok so it has been a while since I posted last. I knew this would happen, I start a blog then get to busy to keep up with it. As we have had a couple holidays, holiday parties, school parties, work and me being in school again, life has become quite hectic. My goal is to try and keep up on this though as it does keep fam and friends up to date on our lives. We are all doing well, and cannot believe Christmas is coming so fast. I have decorated and the house is ready but I need to do the hardest part, shop. Now that Jordyn is older she is not wanting the good ol' $14.99 Brat dolls, its a snowboard and Canyons ski pass, and a camera and a new memory for her phone and Hollister and Abercrombie stuff, Kylan will be easy. He is so into Star Wars right now. Lynn collected all the guys from Star Wars years back and they are all in their packages still. We agreed that Ky would enjoy them, and his enjoyment is more then getting money for them. So Lynn is going to sift through his 300 packages and get ones that Ky would like. Add a few Star Wars fighter planes with t hat from Walmart and he is set! Now for the other 20 people we have to buy for and narrowing Jordyn's list. Fun times!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We are alive and well!

I have been on a crazy roller coaster ride the past couple weeks and hoping things will calm down here soon. I will post pics and updates soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One too many places to be!

This was one of those weekends where you had multiple places to be all at one time but there is still just one me to do it all. Lynn had plans months ago to be with his brothers, they were going hunting and then a change of plans had them doing numerous things together for the week and weekend so I knew he was going to be gone doing stuff with "The Bro's". So I was on my own to think about how I would swing the numerous plans for the weekend. So I was scheduled to work Saturday, Jordyn was performing at the U of U football game at noon, and my brother and his wife were being sealed in the temple around noon as well. I called in sick for work, had to eliminate that one, tried telling Jordyn that I had to be with Jim and Meliss on their special day, but Jordyn was so nervous about performing in front of a huge crowd like that she was afraid of having a panic attack, "I need you there mom!, you signed me up!". Melissa's sister is on Crimson Line and they were doing a fundraisor deal for Crimson Line and asked if Jo would come dance, so I thought fun, she would love that. Well after finding out it was the same weekend as the sealing, I thought oh crap! I really thought Jo would be ok, but I did sign her up, and I did have to support her. So as bummed as I was about not being with Jim and Meliss, they were in my thoughts the whole time. I wish the game would have been later, I wish Jordyn did not inherit my nice anxiety problems. I wish I could have fulfilled everything this weekend and not having to feel guilt. But Jordyn did an amazing job, and I am proud of her. No panic attacks either, she would have been fine. Oh well, still one me and 5 places to be. Gotta pick one sometimes!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dinner and Movie night w/the girls

So Anna, Wendy and I decided to go have a well needed girls night out. We went to Outback Steakhouse(which was not the best.. What happened to my Outback?) and then to a movie. We wanted to see "The Women" but it had already left the theaters. We were bummed about that so we decided to see a movie that had Brad Pitt and George Clooney, called "Burn after reading this". How can you go wrong there right? WRONG! We got there about 15 minutes late, and were at a complete loss the whole show. Im still not sure if it was supposed to be a comedy or a serious show. And Brad Pitt played a nerdy guy, and he is not so hot when he is a nerd, and George wore his pants up to his chest with a belt and played a not so hot cheater on his wife. We left thinking, "What the hell was that?"!!!! But still entertaining, and a fun night with the girls!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catching up!

Goodness, I have a hard time with keeping up on blogs, face book, my space yada yada yada. Sorry to the 2 people who have realized I have not updated! Jen and Mind you are great supporters! =) Really, life is just busy in the Dickey household. Lynn is working and watching football, Jordyn is busy with school and dancing 3X a week for 4 hours each time, so she is never home, and Ky is in pre school 3 days a week and home being his busy self on the other days. So when I am not driving Jordyn back and forth to school and dance, and Ky to school and back, and working in addition, I am trying to get my gym work out in, and clean my house. I am not complaining, just feel like I live in my car- realizing and wishing that Jordyn danced closer and Kylan's school was closer. Ok what is with all the complaining? I hate fall and cold weather!! I am in my slump... I am such a warm, summer person that when this change in weather comes I am so down. I hate it! I hit the tanning beds whenever I have time and try and get the "feel" there, but its just not the same. I just look forward to the holidays to keep me busier, and then what do you know, January, the new year! And then, Spring and Summer are right around the corner. YAY!! I guess I need a VaCa to Cali, and quick!